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A gem of a boutique hotel

Hello beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, magnificent Cape Town – how we have missed you!!! Pumpkin and I stayed in a gem of a boutique hotel, 3 ON CAMPS BAY, for a blissful 3 weeks before we moved into our new home in Gauteng. This luxury 16-bedroom guesthouse has every amenity to offer (and I will share some of these delights with you) – for us it was home away from home, with sea and mountain views to die for!!! After staying in hotels and executive apartments for the past 15 years I forgot I was in a hotel, it was that welcoming. Super-efficient and super-friendly. Not an easy combination for a

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to transform people from all walks of life into polished, confident and stylish individuals? We asked Chata Romano Senior Image Consultant and Corporate Brand Ambassador Wendy Hind to give us a glimpse into this magical world. By Lucille StraussRead More