Chata’s e-Book

Chata’s fifth book FIRST IMPRESSIONS is an inspirational 243-page style, grooming and etiquette guide for the working woman – from smart to casual.

Chata's Previous eBooks

Chata’s first book Plan your Wardrobe published in 1998, was the fastest-selling book in its category in South Africa. It was re-printed twice and distributed in the USA, UK, Australia, and translated into Polish, Czech, Chinese and Afrikaans.

Chata’s next two books Colour and Style were published in 2002 – both titles were re-printed three times and sold out.

Chata’s fourth book Change your Image, Change your Life was published in 2005 – it was re-printed twice and sold out.

Chata’s fifth book First Impressions was published in 2018 – her first digital book.


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Publisher information

ISBN: 978-0-646-97592-4

Number of pages: 243

Published: October 2018

Available in: English

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Chata Romano