Corporate Workshops

Inspire and motivate your staff to feel confident in the way they dress. A practical workshop, with valuable content ensures a positive end-result.

How you will benefit

Inspire your staff to feel confident in the way they dress.

  • A master class in creating a professional first-impression
  • An investment in self-esteem
  • Positive team-building that results in increased team morale
  • Your staff will feel motivated and inspired to make the right image choices
  • They will have clarity pertaining to what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Developing and maintaining your personal brand
  • A tailor-made workshop to cater for your specific requirements, not a quick fix
  • Certified consultants are personally trained by Chata
  • A valuable, uplifting and educational experience!

What you can expect

Practical and valuable content that ensures a positive end-result.

  • We are passionate, professional and love what we do
  • We are knowledgeable and highly skilled
  • We have a high standard, an excellent reputation and an unquestionable work ethic
  • We are friendly, approachable and offer positive and encouraging methods
  • We offer a firm, kind and patient hand that guides you on your journey
  • Expert advice and practical tips
  • Comprehensive, realistic and practical guidelines
  • A friendly, non-judgemental, safe environment
  • Effective, continued support

Workshop Options

Corporate Confidence

  • Project A Winning Message
  • Packaged For Success
  • The Fundamentals Of Investment Dressing
  • The Polished Professional
  • 5 Steps To Professional Presence
  • Professional Grooming: Hair and makeup
  • Colour Confidence
  • Style Solutions
  • The Working Wardrobe

Dress Code Dilemmas

  • What to wear and when to wear it
  • The truth behind “dress for success”
  • Overdressed or underdressed?
  • Dress Code Policy Clarification
  • Dress Code Essentials
  • Appropriate Business Dress
  • Dressing For Your Workplace
  • Dress Code For Office Cocktail Functions / Business Lunches /
    Sports Events
  • What Works, What Doesn’t And Why?
  • What Does Casual-Friday Really Mean?
  • Business-Casual Including How And When To Wear Jeans

Personal Branding

Your Powerful Personal Brand.

Business Etiquette

  • The Golden Rules Of Business Etiquette
  • Body Language: Walk The Talk And Talk The Talk

The Working Wardrobe

  • The Executive’s Wardrobe: Woman
  • The Executive’s Wardrobe: Men

Perfectly Packed

  • The Traveling Executive: Woman
  • The Traveling Executive: Men

Team Building

A motivational, inspirational team-building event – choose your subjects.

Special Events

Women’s Day! Secretaries Day! Master of Ceremonies! Choose your subjects.