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Makeovers: Volume 1

This issue in review: Life changing makeovers that have a lasting impact.

What we love about these magical transformations is that, regardless of how many makeovers we have done, not one single makeover has ever been the same. In this issue we share in-depth life-changing makeovers and celebrate styles that inspire women to look and feel fabulous.

We feature Jackie Kennedy Onassis in our celebrity feature. She was known for being a private person, but her fashion statements were anything but hush-hush. For a glamorous First Lady her style was surprisingly low key, with a classic essence at its heart. It was this simplicity and understated ease that made Jackie into a certified style icon.

In this issue we also showcase the trench jacket, a must-have for all seasons and all occasions.

We value the time you spend with us online. May you find inspiration in this issue and shine like a star!

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