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Deep Skin Tone

Sharon wanted a softer, less businesslike look. We started by giving Sharon a hairstyle to soften her features. We styled her hair with a side parting that elongated her facial features. With her locks having a lovely curl to them we decided to keep the length as it is easier to maintain. A rich dark mahogany hair colour with highlights complemented her Deep skin tone. Sharon’s eyes are small, so we opted to go for the more natural look by using a brown eyeliner on the eyelids and halfway on the bottom lid to open up her eyes. We applied a natural gloss to make her lips look fuller.

Makeover by: Maryna Allmann

Hairdresser Diane Carrick from Barbarella Hair using Wella

Makeup Artist Rose Bruins using products from Revlon

Clothing Woolworths

Accessories Woolworths

Photography by David Ross

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