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Medium Skin Tone

If you can talk the talk you must also walk to walk. This was our motto when we chatted to Michelle about the overall image she wanted to project – confident and professional were the two key words. Step one was hair, then makeup, then clothing. Soft, curly styles really work if you have a flat or small nose and you want to make it look fuller. Avoid close cropped styles if you have a long nose – choose layered lengths, and styles cut towards and into your face – this will make your nose look smaller, especially from the side. Please don’t wear a long skirt if you have great legs and if you insist on wearing a long skirt make sure it is shaped, not boxy.


“I discovered that the perfect person is only ever an illusion. I now value myself – how incredibly empowering! – Michelle”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Paul Jackson

Makeup Artist Fabienne Zadel using products from Revlon

Clothing from Truworths

Accessories from Woolworths

Photography by Ian Reeves

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