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Medium Skin Tone

Mareina has an oval face shape which is slightly tapered toward the chin. An oval face presents no problems such as a pointy chin, full cheeks or square jaw line. The oval face is well-balanced from cheekbone to jaw line. Almost any hairstyle will therefore suit this face shape. Short, medium or longer hair length will suit you. Straight, wavy or curly styles will also suit you. We thought the cropped cut would be perfect for Mareina’s perfect face. She has a versatile lifestyle so we showed her how to dress from smart to casual to formal. Dresses are wonderful but not as easy to mix and match as separates – please buy dresses but no more than 20% of your wardrobe.


“If perfection is our goal we will never accept ourselves and if we never accept ourselves we can never value ourselves – but I value myself after today. – Mareina”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Diane Carrick from Barbarella Hair using Wella

Makeup Artist Fabienne Zadel using products from Revlon

Clothing from Truworths

Accessories from Woolworths

Photography by Ian Reeves

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