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Medium Skin Tone

Lizette was keen to try something new. Lizette’s hair condition was very dry and needed a good cut and colour treatment. Her roots were dark and we felt that steering away from the blonde and going for a warm chestnut would look fantastic and would be easier to maintain. Lizette exercises regularly and wanted to be able to tie her hair up when exercising, so we decided to go for a shoulder length bob with an angular fringe. Natural makeup was applied to suit her lifestyle. Purple is a very fashionable colour and most definitely complemented Lizette’s skin tone.


“Thank you for the opportunity to physically and emotionally make a new beginning in my life, an investment in my future that will never depreciate. – Lizette”

Makeover by: Loanda Blewett

Hairdresser Louise from Crimpers using Redken Chestnut

Makeup Artist Anneke Basson using Clarins products

Clothing from Fashion Express

Accessories from Stone Blu Collection

Photography Anneke Basson

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