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Stylish and colourful – that’s the new Kris! A very full hairstyle or lots of curls creates volume, not something you want if you have a full or round face shape. The fuller the style, the fuller the face shape. A layered, shaped style will take inches off your cheeks. A fringe will make your face look shorter and wider because it visually divides your face in half. A feathered fringe is fantastic; especially if you have a short forehead like Kris, just avoid a solid heavy fringe. Kris has an overall full shape to her figure with a round face. Avoid short tops and jackets, and tops tucked in. Wear longer tops like the feminine kaftan we styled Kris in, instead.

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"I thank you as now I can see what I have done to myself and what I need to change to get me back again." ~ Kris

Skin Tone: Medium
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