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Medium Skin Tone

Elmarie’s overall style needed shaping. For her hair we chose a darker shade of golden blonde instead of a lighter shade of blonde or highlights. This worked well for her skin tone. Elmarie is lucky because she doesn’t have to wear a lot of makeup. We removed the mascara from her lower eyelashes, making her eyes look softer and younger. We wanted to give Elmarie a younger, softer and more feminine look. Dark colours (navy or black) can add 10 years to your age when worn near your face.


“I got quite a fright when I saw my new hair but changed my mind a few hours later after receiving so many positive comments. – Elmarie”

Makeover by: Chata Romano

Hairdresser Diane Carrick from Barbarella Hair using Wella

Makeup Artist Fabienne Zadel using products from Elizabeth Arden

Clothing from Truworths

Accessories from Woolworths

Photography by Ian Reeves

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