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Medium Skin Tone

Adele’s dark hair was too harsh for her Medium skin tone, so we turned her hair into a softer shade with caramel highlights. This accentuated her green eyes and made her skin look vibrant. Her hair is very thick and a shorter, layered style is far easier to maintain. Adele’s tattooed eyebrows didn’t complement the shape of her face, but we easily covered them with concealer and created a natural arch with a medium brown pencil. We changed the round neckline to a V-neckline and instantly transformed her wardrobe into a flattering and stylish statement.


“I feel like a new person! This was an experience that I would recommend to everyone because it made me feel more positive about myself and definitely made me more confident. – Adele”

Makeover by: Louise Linde

Hairdresser Salomé Zietsman from Pzazz using Scwartzkopf

Makeup Artist Salomé Zietsman using products from Mac

Clothing from Queenspark

Accessories from Queenspark

Photography by Nadia Naude

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