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One of the most stylish icons of our time Jackie O’s legacy inspires to this day. “Much has been said about Jackie’s style. Her look was feminine and simple with a legendary ease… Her sense of elegance inspires me to this day.” Valentino

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was known for being a fiercely private person, but her fashion statements were anything but hush-hush. For a glamorous First Lady and someone the world adored, Jackie’s style was surprisingly low key with a classic American essence at its heart – clean, subdued, simple.

It was this simplicity, understated ease and never trying too hard that made Jackie into a certified style icon. But what can we learn from her style legacy? As a devoted mother and wife, Jackie never followed fashion fads and always stayed true to what suited her and her lifestyle – white denim jeans, Breton striped t-shirts, pastel suits, hide-behind sunglasses and of course her signature chic bob.

Her clean-cut contribution to fashion continues to inspire women to this day and shows that by making you the star – and not the designer gown – will help you to discover your own style legacy.

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