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Dream read

She runs up and down a summery hill of the playground next to my house. I watch her with wonder and a slight pang of wistfulness. Dressed in a neon pink tutu splashed with tiny hearts and lots of sequins, a pair of purple leggings showing off must-have bows on the sides, a duo of dazzling rainbow pumps and lace socks all topped off with a ditsy floral printed t-shirt.Read More

Olympic Glory

Every 4 years we watch in awe as top athletes from all over the world compete for Olympic gold. Some dreams are fulfilled and some dreams are shattered. A moment I will never forget was during the Sydney Olympics when Eric Moussambani, a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea, found himself in the unique position of competing in a 100m event by himself because two other swimmers were disqualified due to a false start.Read More