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When we asked Pieter-Dirk Uys what kind of handbag he thought his alter-ego, Evita would be, he told us, “It’s South Africa, if Tannie Evita were a handbag, she’d be stolen by now!” We showcase how some of this country ’s other indomitable women described themselves in accessory-speak.


HOT PURSE-UIT – ROXY LOUW: Professional surfer turned model. “If I were a handbag, I would be a small purse. As they say, less is more! With my active lifestyle, I find that a little pouch for the essentials suits me just fine. The purse would have to be blue to reflect my free-spirited personality my love for the ocean and for nature.”

PRACTICALLY PERFECT – JUSTINE DRAKE: BBC Food chef, author and editor. “If I were a handbag, I’d like to think I would be just like the one that I am currently using. It’s made by Mielie, so the base is a recycled mielie bag – nice to think that it had an entirely different life before coming my way. It is lined with bright dots, the end result is happy.”

BROAD SHOULDERED – HELEN ZILLE: Western Cape Premier and leader of the DA. “If I were a handbag, I would be a carry-all, with various pouches and separate sections to store things for easy retrieval. I would be strong and robust. I would be well seamed, with heavy-duty zips and straps. I could be slung over your shoulder when your hands are full.”

LABEL OF LOVE – EDITH VENTER: Socialite and businesswoman. “I would love to be a Chanel bag, sitting in the Chanel store in Paris. That would make me one of the most sought-after labels for any woman. Imagine my excitement when a beautiful Parisian woman walks into the store, asks to have a closer look at me, decides she loves me and buys me.”

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