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Glorious In Gold

This issue in review: Glow, shine, sparkle and indulge in the riches of gold.

We give joy to one of the most beautiful colours in the world! Gold is a precious metal, the gift of Kings and Queens; the symbol of riches. Gold has so many positive associations: “the gold standard”, “the Midas touch”, “good as gold”, “a gold star”; it is a very happy colour, linked with good times and good fortune.

Gold is uplifting and luxurious; it brings warmth and light.

In this issue we focus on everything that is gold. We will also be sharing stories of real-life people and their makeover experiences to give you some first-hand insight.

Besides super-practical tips, we also share fashion, styling and beauty advice to bring out your shine and radiate with confidence.

We value the time you spend with us online. May you find inspiration in this issue and shine like a star!

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