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From Drab to Fab!

I recently did a makeover for a woman who sent me this letter “Please help! My boyfriend hates my wardrobe. I am 39 and feel like an old frump.” My heart really went out to her and I referred her to a makeover I did. When Jean arrived for her makeover everyone was surprised to discover she was only 31 years old, they thought she was much older. I have a saying: It is not always your body; it’s the clothes that you put onto your body! There is a very fine line between looking fashionably classic or frumpy and dowdy.Read More

Youthful shiny hair

What do you need to know about keeping your hair soft, shiny and strong? Invest in quality products recommended by your hair care professional and use heat protective products if you use a flat iron or hair dryer frequently.Read More

A straight cut to the top

With ‘shear’ determination, passion and a pair of sharp and slick scissors, Bernice Strever has turned her love of making magic with hair into a successful business. We decided to meet the woman behind the blow dryer and see what makes her scissors sing.Read More

Keep it simple

Even though we’ve been all about the neon colours and bright shades for summer’s fashion offering, nothing can top a stunningly fresh and natural makeup look to capture this time of year. A bit of sun-kissed blush on the apples of your cheeks, a shimmery lip-gloss that you can easily throw in your handbag, a touch of mascara and a dusting of body glitter will suit the subtle mood of summer. Read More