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From Drab to Fab!

I recently did a makeover for a woman who sent me this letter “Please help! My boyfriend hates my wardrobe. I am 39 and feel like an old frump.” My heart really went out to her and I referred her to a makeover I did.

When Jean arrived for her makeover everyone was surprised to discover she was only 31 years old, they thought she was much older. I have a saying: It is not always your body; it’s the clothes that you put onto your body! There is a very fine line between looking fashionably classic or frumpy and dowdy.

It’s not always easy to let go and embrace a new look, especially when you have lost your own individual sense of style, but it is important to always look and feel your very best. I cannot wait for feedback – hopefully her boyfriend fell in love with her all over again : )

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