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Issue in review: From flared to fitted, bootleg to wide-leg, indigo to faded; jeans remain a winner

There are a select few fashion items that are constantly in the style spotlight ready to receive praise for their trend resilience and ability to offer numerous wardrobe options. As the unsung hero of casual dressing, denim is fashion’s hardest working fabric and in this issue we are singing its noble praises and showing you how to find the perfect fit and shape for your figure.

As one of fashion’s most universal fabrics, denim has influenced and liberated women’s fashion stretching from the 18th century to today while always staying true to its promise of effortless comfort with a touch of cool. But why does denim enjoy such staying power? With a strong labour heritage giving it a hardworking reputation, denim evolved from a rugged, manly favourite in the mid-1900’s to a constant on the modern-day catwalks of famous designers like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and legendary Levi Strauss. This ability to adapt to its wearer’s specific lifestyle is a unique trait and denim pioneer Giorgio Armani agrees saying “Jeans represent democracy in fashion”. So regardless of your occasion or lifestyle, if you are Posh Spice or Plain Jane, a home-body or jetsetter, slip on your favourite pair of true-blues with confidence and know this… denim will always fit around you.

In this issue we also show you how to achieve 4 completely different hairstyles from 1 haircut!

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