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Animal print

Summer is promising all sorts of print riches from the animal kingdom ranging from beloved leopard and black and white zebra to sexy snakeskin. These adventurous prints have undergone a confident transformation that goes beyond a mere accessory or accent.Read More


great-gatsby- chata romano

Baz Luhrmann’s hotly anticipated movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, is set to make such an impression that the fashion world already started to take inspiration from heroine Daisy Buchanan’s iconic 1920’s wardrobe. Drop-waist dresses, art deco prints, glamorous gold and black and beaded gowns are all signalling the return of the roaring twenties. To complement this trend accessorise with cloche hats, strings of pearls and Mary-Jane shoes.Read More

Mint shades

It’s a mint-full season and the style set has wholeheartedly embraced this graceful yet modern colour. The Chata Romano Colour System is built around showing women that any skin tone can wear any colour – it all depends on the shade. A Soft skin tone will look beautiful with a subtle mint shade, Medium skin tone a mint that’s brighter while Deep and Rich suit a stronger shade like pistachio.Read More

Beautiful bikini

Ever wondered where the word “bikini” comes from? In 1946 Frenchman Louis Réard named his reinvention of the bathing suit after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. This location was significant to our bikini creator because it’s the same place where the atomic bomb was tested; apparently he “hoped that the burst of excitement it caused would be as explosive as an atomic bomb.”Read More

Pretty peplum

As a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Stone and Kim Kardashian, it’s the shape of the season, and the peplum is a must-have look that’s easily mastered. The peplum works on any shape and refers to a ruffle or frill that flips out from a jacket or top or is an addition to a fitted dress.Read More

Decorative pants

The way to wear your printed pants this summer all depends on the style. If you love your trousers with a bit of a print you can wear snakeskin, polka dots, animal or stripes with a simple summer shirt and heels. Dress up your printed pants with an embellished tunic or camisole. To capture a classic look co-ordinate with basic colours and for a fashion look add a few of summer’s brightest shades.Read More