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It’s hard to imagine a spectacular red carpet event without hearing the name “Elie Saab”, and frankly we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Cut to perfection with natural flow, glitzy embellishments by the dozen, a colour that’s barely there yet breathtaking… welcome to the éclat of Elie Saab. With his intricate designs punctuated by signature fairytale accents like Swarovski crystals, delicate appliques, sparkling beads, Chantilly lace, languid satin and galactic sequins always in the most enchanting shades, Saab’s eveningwear captures the sweeping glamour of couture like no other – “Innovation, a good product and the possibility for my clients to dream”, muses Saab poetically about his message behind each creation.

The first time the world witnessed the flair of Elie Saab was over a decade ago, when Halle Berry won the Oscar for best actress. It was a deep burgundy gown in luxurious taffeta topped off with a sheer bodice and strategically placed appliqued flowers that ensured an unforgettable evening for Halle and Mr Saab. But it was as an eager 18-year old when Elie opened his first atelier in hometown Beirut that he actually SAAB_Thumb_1started his foray into fashion. Since that Oscar-gold moment his rise has been phenomenal and he is currently regarded as the king of the red carpet with a brand worth in excess of $500 million – quite a step-up from the self-taught teen with an eye for a beautiful dress.

Recently saying, “I believe that a woman must stand out before the dress,” Elie is famous for his adoration of the feminine form. He is a designer after any woman’s heart, counting a bevy of beauties including songstress Katy Perry, current IT girl Emma Stone and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria as famous fans. At the heart of his success lies the obligatory passion and hard work, yes, but it’s how he connects with that magical feeling women get when they are dressed up for a special occasion, that has all the Saab devotees coming back for more couture dreams.

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