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Chata is the author of four best-selling books.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Chata’s fifth book, is an inspirational 243-page style, grooming and etiquette guide for the working woman – from smart to casual.

Transform your image into a confident first impression today!

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS is your image-enhancing financial lifesaver!

This treasury of valuable advice is packed with practical day-to-day guidelines on how to prepare yourself for your workplace, from smart to casual, and how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Featuring more than 350 photographs FIRST IMPRESSIONS offers you advice about:
confident choices for colour and style • hair and beauty grooming guidelines • decoding the various dress codes
• essential etiquette principles • key strategies for managing sleep • personal branding

“Chata’s book ‘First Impressions’ is a 243-page positive tonic for building women up, a recipe for refining self-image, and an absolute must-read for all women, from mum-on-the-run to corporate executive.” ~ Wendy

“Chata’s book is every working woman’s complete resource to establishing and enhancing her personal brand in the work place, and beyond. It’s like a great pair of black court shoes – an essential career building MUST-have!” ~ Willene

“I was delightfully surprised by the content. I thought it would be for smartly dressed-up women only. I am in IT and I so related to the casual-smart and casual sections of this hands-on amazing book.” ~ Mandy

“A gorgeous book packed with brilliantly practical advice on how to present yourself in an authentic and glamorous way. Thank you for a truly inspiring and empowering guide for all women.” ~ Robyn

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Publication Information

ISBN: 978-0-646-97592-4
Number of pages: 243
Published: October 2018
Available in: EnglishEdition: First Edition
Publisher: Chata Romano

“Chata’s sincere style of writing is informative, inspiring, uplifting and empowering. ‘First Impressions’ provides practical guidelines to being effortlessly stylish and perfectly packaged twenty-four seven”. ~ Wendy

“Loved it! I am the HR manager for a large corporate and we really struggle with our dress code policy – we are going to purchase a copy for all our colleagues which will be a great investment in the image we project.” ~ Jackie

“This book is my ultimate guide to personal branding for success.” ~ Monica

“Chata’s book provides the foundation for confidence and self-esteem – it is the ultimate tutorial for the modern career woman. A great investment in yourself, or your company’s HR potential!” ~ Marlise

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