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Which outfit projects a winning message? The left outfit? Or the right outfit?

LEFT OPTION: Don’t go overboard with ruffles and fullness, especially when worn at the same time. If the style of the top is full, the bottom should be tapered. Keep tops and bottoms simple and streamlined to ensure you project a winning message. Don’t wear short thigh-length skirts, even if the shape of your legs allow you to; you will never be taken seriously in a business environment.

RIGHT OPTION: Soft ruffles soften a tailored look, adding a feminine touch to sleek office styles. Wear with a simple silk sheath dress for a sophisticated business meeting during the day or a sequin shift dress for evening glam. Pretty heels, rather than flats, are the best, and smartest, accessory for this ensemble.

The end result: Who is the smarter, more professional looking woman? Right or left? The decision has been made and all the votes are in (drum roll please!); the outfit on the right is the clear winner.

The answer to this Corporate Confidence tip was provided by Chata Romano

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