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Trayer-Lea Jones

Image Consultant

I delight in seeing women reach their full potential! My dream is that you will look and feel amazing, realizing your full potential because you will now understand how to dress for your skin tone and body shape.

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Corporate and Individual
Options: Personal Consultations, Group Consultations, Shopping Appointments and Workshops

Contact Trayer-Lea Jones
082 830 8774 | Book Trayer-Lea Jones
Johannesburg, Gauteng, travels to Pretoria

“Thank you, thank you, thank you – I am so excited about this process! The best part about the day was when Trayer took my clothes and paired them together in outfits I would have never thought of! When I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised, and educated, about sassy styles that can suit me using my wardrobe!” – Ingrid

“Thank you so much for the body image consultation Trayer. It’s something that I have never done before and it was so insightful. You have such a passion and flair for ladies seeing the best in themselves and you made me feel quite special. Your natural affinity and care for people made me feel right at home as you analysed me and gave me advice. Being yourself whilst you do the consultation works for you, and makes you different to others.” – Candice

“Trayer is very passionate about her recent image consulting course. The group consultation was such a great experience, and I learnt so much about so many facets. And Trayer made it so much fun. We had loads of laughs and she is so graceful in the way she shows us how to dress better. She successfully reeled us back into focus a few times when we got carried away with too much talking, laughing, learning, etc. I would definitely like to use Trayer in the future.” – Natalie

“Thank you so much for the assessment yesterday. I woke up this morning with an extra bounce in my step and confidence in the body I have at the moment. You made me realize that whilst I am on a road to health I can still enjoy my current body shape and I don’t have to wait for the final end goal of weight loss to do so. I am excited to know that I can actually wear dresses and skirts and different jackets, it’s the length that makes all the difference. Grateful for your time and insight you shared. You were excellent, I am definitely going to refer you to many.” – Taryn

“Trayer is a bubbly and colourful personality. She sees the best in you and points out your assets and tries to make you feel good about your assets. She is creative, stylish and very professional. I loved spending time with her trying to understand my body, my shape, the colours and styles that will work with my body. It was so much fun putting outfits together and realising that I actually have some nice outfits in my cupboard that I have not worn in ages that I can now wear. I enjoy mixing it up! My husband is loving me now trying some different things!” – Candy

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