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Soné Bosman

Colour Consultant

“It’s said within the first 5 seconds, your image influences who you meet. My passion is to discover colours suited to enhance your personality, creating a positive impression on the people around you, while still being true to yourself.”

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Personal Colour Consultations, Group Colour Consultations, Colour Workshops

Contact Soné Bosman
020 4011 4405 | Book Soné Bosman
Auckland, New Zealand

“You made me feel so at ease and a world of colour has opened up for me, thank you!” ~ Coroline Simmons

“Thank you for such an insightful consultation, recommending you to all my friends.” ~ Jan Moody

“I always dreaded buying foundation, no more.” ~ Jenny Smith

“Loved this experience, every woman should do this. I can’t wait to go shopping.” ~ Maree Monroe

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