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Mart-Marie Fourie

Image Consultant

Let me equip you with the essential tools to ensure you always project the best you. Your beautiful elements (waiting patiently, but ever so delightfully) are ready to reveal themselves. Take the first step and invest in yourself today!

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Corporate and Individual
Options: Personal Consultations, Group Consultations, Shopping Appointments and Workshops

Contact Mart-Marie Fourie
079 506 5684 | Book Mart-Marie Fourie
Pretoria, Gauteng, travels to Johannesburg.

“Mart-Marie is very warm and friendly. I find it easy to relate with her and conversation comes very naturally. She works passionately and this aspect draws you to her. She makes one feel very comfortable.” – Esmari de Wet

“This was fabulous, I learned a lot. I can recommend this workshop to anyone! Thanks.” – Yvonne Winnaar

“Very vibrant and enthusiastic. Mart-Marie is outgoing and genuinely interested in helping you find what suits you best and what will make you look fabulous! I felt extremely comfortable with her and absolutely trust her guidance and opinion with fashion.” – Karen Armand

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