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Chata’s Daily Tips

Chata's Daily Tips


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: When you think a woman wearing a grey cardigan a non-glamorous image springs to mind. Not in this case. This grey cardigan teamed with a sexy white T-shirt and black jeans looks super modern and fashionable. Chata Romano Image Consultant, Karyn Lindes. IMAGE CREDIT: Style and Fashion’s Facebook page


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Soften the masculine lines of an aviator leather jacket with feminine touches like this delicate floral top. Tan boots, in the richest shade of tan, should be at the very top of your winter shopping list. It’s always a smart idea to tone and blend your accessories with your outfit. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Marlise du Plessis. IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: A neutral combination of (well, not 50) shades of grey is so sophisticated – not as severe as black, and suitable for all skin tones.  This clever shift dress will show off your curves, with soft draping over a rounded tummy to conceal figure concerns. Complement with a two-tone bag, and keep your shoes in the same colour, or darker, never lighter than your hemline. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Marlise Du Plessis. IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today’s Facebook page


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Turquoise and tan is a beautiful combination that always works well together. Jeans with detailed back pockets are great for women with flat bottoms, creating the illusion of shape. Tops with long, deep pleats work perfectly for women with fuller busts and rounded tummies. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Erika Swanepoel . IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: This grape and stone colour combination is fantastic if you have a Deep or Rich skin tone. Opt for the softer or brighter shades of purple if you have a Soft to Medium skin tone. Click here to establish your skin tone. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Marie-Louise de Jager. IMAGE CREDIT: Style & Fashion’s Facebook page


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Shades of caramel and stone = effortless elegance! Always accessorize these warm shades with gold, copper or bronze (all rich, warm tones) never with silver (cool tones work best with tones of grey). COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Tanya van der Merwe. IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today Facebook page.


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: We love this colour combination of turq and tan with blue jeans – a divine animal printed bag pulls this look together perfectly. A softly pleated top will conceal a rounded or full tummy as long as it extends to the end of your tummy. Dropped earrings, with rounded ends, are fabulous for a sweetheart face shape. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Karyn Lindes IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Gilets are so fabulously versatile! They can be worn in winter or summer. When it’s breezy wear over a jersey. When it’s a lovely day, with a slight wind, wear over a summer top or T shirt.  This style also hides a multitude of concerns : ) Accessorize with metallics for added glam. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Marlise Du Plessis IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: So classic! So stylish! So divine!!! Fabulous accessories make the world of difference. It’s important to consider your body shape when choosing a scarf. If you have a fuller body shape then avoid oversized bulky scarves, opt for scarves that drape well. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Mart-Marie Fourie IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Different shades of neutrals look super stylish, especially when co-ordinated with a pop of colour! To ensure continuity, from head to toe, wear your lighter colours at the top and your darker colours at the bottom. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Erika Swanepoel IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear’s Facebook page


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: If you want to look casual but well-groomed at the same time then this is the outfit for you! Most women have a stone cardi, a white shirt and blue jeans in their wardrobes – just add a fashionable animal printed scarf, some stylish gold accessories and yummy tan boots and you, too, will look super-stylish. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Tanya van der Merwe IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today Facebook page.


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: An elegant outfit in neutral tones and shades gets a fashionable upgrade with snakeskin shoes and stunning bronze accessories. If you’re concerned about wearing ivory pants opt for a darker shade like stone. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano Image Consultant, Marlise du Plessis IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest

2 Responses to "Chata’s Daily Tips"

  • nerine
    September 10, 2013 - 4:29 pm

    Where can I buy the red and also the tan bags on the photo’s of August 26?

    • Chata Romano
      August 24, 2014 - 4:03 pm

      Thank you for your post Nerine – there are some divine outfits aren’t there?! You won’t find these outfits in SA stores (we source the ensembles internationally) but hopefully our tips will give you the inspiration to co-ordinate a similar outfit from your existing wardrobe or find it in a store near you. My DAILY TIP page is posted for the pure pleasure of sharing my knowledge and helping women with their colour and style choices. I trust you continue to enjoy our colour and style tips 🙂