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Beyoncé – she’s got soul

Ever wondered what you’ll do if you come face to face with one of your idols? Chata shares her extraordinary encounter with superstar Beyoncé Knowles. You know that moment right after you’ve settled into your airplane seat and wonder, “who’s going to sit in my row?” Instead of a chatterbox or a high-decibel-i-pod-listening teenager I got the surprise – and airplane seat neighbour – of a lifetime… the one and only Beyoncé Knowles.Read More

Queen of Posh

From singing sensation to designer powerhouse, Victoria Beckham is the fashion industry’s hardest working star. When Victoria Beckham announced a few years ago that she is launching her own fashion label, fashion critics rolled their eyes at the thought of another short-lived celebrity fashion line. Read More

The J-Lo legend

Why the queen of curve is still right on top! There are women out there so famous that we need only hear their first names – Adele, Angelina, Celine – to conjure up their faces but when you’re an instant icon with just three letters, you’re in another league. J-Lo – Jennifer Lynn Lopez – is the golden girl of the 21st Century and has brought one glorious revelation to us all; life is ‘bootyful’.Read More