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Colour Charts

Your personal hair, makeup and clothing colour chart is an absolute financial lifesaver – it fits perfectly into your handbag, your license to shop!

What's Included?

Your personal hair, makeup and clothing colour chart includes:

  • Your 16 best hair colours
  • Correct makeup colours (foundation, blusher, eye shadow, lipstick, etc)
  • 60 clothing colours
  • Jewellery colours

ESTABLISH YOUR SKIN TONE: Please click here to establish your skin tone if you haven’t done so already.

How you will benefit

Designed to fit into your handbag, this magical wand will:

  • Make you feel more confident about changing your hair colour
  • Ensure you make the right makeup decisions
  • Take the stress out of shopping for clothes

If you would like to order more than one colour chart please email

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