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From Drab to Fab!

I recently did a makeover for a woman who sent me this letter “Please help! My boyfriend hates my wardrobe. I am 39 and feel like an old frump.” My heart really went out to her and I referred her to a makeover I did. When Jean arrived for her makeover everyone was surprised to discover she was only 31 years old, they thought she was much older. I have a saying: It is not always your body; it’s the clothes that you put onto your body! There is a very fine line between looking fashionably classic or frumpy and dowdy.Read More

Bling to the Office

Many women ask us if they can wear a sequin item to the office. Good news, sequins aren’t just for eveningwear! You can achieve a glamorous effect, without going overboard, if you wear this trend in a subtle way to the office.Read More

The pin-striped suit

A pin-striped suit is the must-have suit in every working woman’s wardrobe. Cut a chic masculine shape in the ultimate pinstripe suit with a crisp white shirt or bright coloured shirt underneath it. A pretty plum cardigan and matching wedges make a feminine alternative while adding a few strands of sparkly necklaces and a pair of glitzy shoes instantly transforms this suit into perfect formal attire.Read More

Tone on tone


Colour blocking is the trend everyone’s talking about and with the new season being such an explosion of brights, it’s not hard to see why wearing top to toe colour is the in thing. Definitely daring yet totally worthwhile, the trick in getting this look just right lies in the choice of colour and the combination of its shades. Read More

Yes or no to t-shirts

“Can I wear a T-shirt to work” is a never-ending debate. Whilst the corporate dress code has relaxed somewhat over the past few years here is our take on this subject. When you think of a T-shirt you correctly think of weekend attire. But we believe you can look smart without wearing the typical ‘power suit’ to work. Whist the required dress code is still smart to smart/casual room has been made for a SMART T-shirt to be worn to work.Read More