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CHATA ROMANO is an International Image Consultancy that proudly empowers women and men through Personal Consultations, Workshops and the Makeover Experience.

150,000 delegates have been inspired by Chata’s Public Workshops and 500 blue-chip companies have benefited from Chata’s Corporate Confidence Workshops.

Chata’s website is an integrated, mobile responsive, interactive consumer and community-centric public website – a platform seamlessly integrating web, email, mobile and social media on which Chata shares, and makes accessible, her valuable IP via her Glamorous Reality Blog.

Finding a connection through Chata’s famous Glamorous Reality® women receive expert advice, practical information and everyday inspiration.

Our innovative and inclusive approach, unique content, growing and engaged community, unsurpassed knowledge and history of success, provides you with the perfect platform for campaign success.

Tailor make your own campaign by selecting from our range of advertising options, or let us help you develop custom campaigns and strategies uniquely suited to your brand and objectives.



Age: 24 – 55
LSM: 7 – 10
Gender: Female 90% / Male 10%



  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors – 15,000
  • Average Monthly Unique Visits – 25,000
  • Average time spent on site per visit – 6min 30sec
  • Average Monthly Page Views – 150,000
  • Average Number of Hits per Month – 800,000

FACEBOOK (43,500 followers)

  • 100 people share the daily post
  • 1,250 people like the daily post
  • 17,500 people view the daily post


  • Number of unique newsletter subscribers – 15,000
  • Newsletter distribution – weekly



Blog posts, personally written by Chata, valued at R10,000.

(468 x 60 pixels)
All pages R10,000 pm Click to view
Square ads
(260 x 260 pixels)
Home Page
Glamorous Reality Blog Page
Glamorous Reality Category Page
Makeovers Page
Makeovers Category Page
R3,000 pm
R2,400 pm
R1,800 pm
R2,400 pm
R1,800 pm
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view
Rectangle ads
(260 x 130 pixels)
Home Page
Glamorous Reality Blog Page
Glamorous Reality Category Page
Makeovers Page
Makeovers Category Page
R1,800 pm
R1,200 pm
R1,000 pm
R1,200 pm
R1,000 pm
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view
Click to view

FACEBOOK (43,500 followers) (Click to view)

Post with product image only R5,000
Post with direct link to client’s page only R7,500
Post with product image and direct link to client’s page only R10,000
Post with video (Chata’s personal endorsement “Tried, Tested and Terrific”) R15,000
Post with product image, direct link to client’s page and video R17,500

Added value:
10% of the value will be allocated towards boosting the post over a period of 1 day or 7 days, the client can choose.

Square  Ad –  R4,000 per newsletter (Click to view)
Billboard Banner Ad –  R8,000 per newsletter ( Click to view)
Sponsored Consumer Surveys – R12,000 per survey
Product Promotional Mailers – R12,000 per mailer

Product Reviews – POA
Sponsored Editorial – POA
Sponsored Competitions & Give Aways – POA

Payment terms: 2-weeks prior to campaign activation.


Ad Sizes:
Leaderboard (468 x 60 pixels)
Square ads (260 x 260 pixels)
Rectangle ads (260 x 130 pixels)

Ad Format:
Jpeg – web ready – 72dpi
Closed file please – you are welcome to email the required URL which we will insert once loaded

Please note:

  • Rates include agency commission of 16%
  • CHATA ROMANO reserves the right to terminate any campaign upon our discretion


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    Leaderboard (all pages)Square Ad Home PageSquare Ad Glamorous Reality Blog PageSquare Ad Glamorous Reality Category PageSquare Ad Makeovers PageSquare Ad Makeovers Category PageRectangle Ad Home PageRectangle Ad Glamorous Reality Blog PageRectangle Ad Glamorous Reality Category PageRectangle Ad Makeovers PageRectangle Ad Makeovers Category PageNewsletter Banner AdSponsored Consumer SurveysProduct Promotional MailersProduct ReviewsSponsored EditorialSponsored Competitions & Give AwaysSocial MediaCustom campaigns

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