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Know your red

It’s Valentine’s Day, the perfect day to wear red! It’s a colour we all love to wear and by using the Chata Romano Colour System you can easily incorporate red into your wardrobe.Read More

Dream read

She runs up and down a summery hill of the playground next to my house. I watch her with wonder and a slight pang of wistfulness. Dressed in a neon pink tutu splashed with tiny hearts and lots of sequins, a pair of purple leggings showing off must-have bows on the sides, a duo of dazzling rainbow pumps and lace socks all topped off with a ditsy floral printed t-shirt.Read More

Olympic Glory

Every 4 years we watch in awe as top athletes from all over the world compete for Olympic gold. Some dreams are fulfilled and some dreams are shattered. A moment I will never forget was during the Sydney Olympics when Eric Moussambani, a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea, found himself in the unique position of competing in a 100m event by himself because two other swimmers were disqualified due to a false start.Read More

Yes or no to t-shirts

“Can I wear a T-shirt to work” is a never-ending debate. Whilst the corporate dress code has relaxed somewhat over the past few years here is our take on this subject. When you think of a T-shirt you correctly think of weekend attire. But we believe you can look smart without wearing the typical ‘power suit’ to work. Whist the required dress code is still smart to smart/casual room has been made for a SMART T-shirt to be worn to work.Read More

Queen of Posh

From singing sensation to designer powerhouse, Victoria Beckham is the fashion industry’s hardest working star. When Victoria Beckham announced a few years ago that she is launching her own fashion label, fashion critics rolled their eyes at the thought of another short-lived celebrity fashion line. Read More