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The Trench Jacket

The trench jacket is the star of the show… so let it shine! Eternally chic, the most versatile jacket you can own. Belt it to create a waist or leave straight, for a smooth, streamlined silhouette.Read More

The sequin jacket

sequin-jacket- chata romano

We all know how to wear sequins at night, but transforming items we bought for special occasions into chic outfits to wear during the day can be tricky. The trick is to keep it simple and not go overboard with your styling. This season we choose the sequin jacket, the ideal fashion item to dress up or down and a must-have purchase for this summer season!Read More

Meet our golden girls

golden-girls- chata romano

We give joy to one of the most beautiful colours in the world! Gold is a precious metal, the gift of kings and queens; the symbol of riches. Gold has so many positive associations: “the gold standard”, “the Midas touch”, “good as gold”, “a gold star”; it is a very happy colour, linked with good times and good fortune. Read More