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The sequin jacket

sequin-jacket- chata romano

We all know how to wear sequins at night, but transforming items we bought for special occasions into chic outfits to wear during the day can be tricky. The trick is to keep it simple and not go overboard with your styling. This season we choose the sequin jacket, the ideal fashion item to dress up or down and a must-have purchase for this summer season!Read More

Meet our golden girls

golden-girls- chata romano

We give joy to one of the most beautiful colours in the world! Gold is a precious metal, the gift of kings and queens; the symbol of riches. Gold has so many positive associations: “the gold standard”, “the Midas touch”, “good as gold”, “a gold star”; it is a very happy colour, linked with good times and good fortune. Read More

Isle of style

We bring you a prelude to spring style where a bright new-look palette gets the admiration it deserves. What better way to celebrate summer’s wave of new looks than by diving right in and making the most of flirty colours, tropical prints and siren silhouettes.
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Colour block

colour-block- chata romano

Turn to colour blocking for the ultimate in new-season trend. Combine unexpected bursts of colours, preferably bold primary colours, in any shape or form – we love the red, cerise and black for a modern, feminine feel. Colour blocking commands confidence, so be brave and combine strong shades, and keep your accessories minimal, as your bold blocks of colour require all the attention. Create the same colour block effect by wearing a single shade trouser, top and blazer. You’ll be able to mix and match to create more outfits and your colour block statement will be stronger than ever. Read More

Animal print

Summer is promising all sorts of print riches from the animal kingdom ranging from beloved leopard and black and white zebra to sexy snakeskin. These adventurous prints have undergone a confident transformation that goes beyond a mere accessory or accent.Read More