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Chata’s Daily Tips

Chata's Daily Tips


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: I received such good feedback last week about my “grey is gorgeous post” I thought I would show you another stunning colour combination with grey – grey and purple! Yum. Yum. YUM. #purple COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano chataromano.com/… IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today Facebook page.


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: A lot of women wear basic colours with other basic colours e.g.: stone and white. The next time you take your stone shorts, stone pants, stone skirt or stone jeans out of your wardrobe try wearing lilac as the coordinating colour = very stylish. COPY CREDIT: Marlise Du Plessis IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today Facebook page.


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: A top with draping over the tummy area conceals a rounded to full tummy. Make sure the fabric is soft, if the fabric is structured it will create unnecessary volume over the #tummy area. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano chataromano.com/… IMAGE CREDIT: What to wear today’s Facebook page


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: Brighten classic black with a pop of colour – a gorgeous burnt orange gets our vote this week! If you have a Soft skin tone (fair) or a Medium skin tone (golden) opt for a brighter tone of orange. This burnt orange is fantastic for a Deep or Rich (light dark to dark skin tones). For more about The Chata Romano Colour System please click here chataromano.com/… COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano chataromano.com/…


CHATA’S DAILY TIP: A cardigan looks classic when worn with a beautiful shirt and tailored pants. A cardigan can also look fun and flirty when worn with a casual T-shirt and shorts. COPY CREDIT: Chata Romano chataromano.com/… IMAGE CREDIT: Dresses Facebook page

2 Responses to "Chata’s Daily Tips"

  • nerine
    September 10, 2013 - 4:29 pm

    Where can I buy the red and also the tan bags on the photo’s of August 26?

    • Chata Romano
      August 24, 2014 - 4:03 pm

      Thank you for your post Nerine – there are some divine outfits aren’t there?! You won’t find these outfits in SA stores (we source the ensembles internationally) but hopefully our tips will give you the inspiration to co-ordinate a similar outfit from your existing wardrobe or find it in a store near you. My DAILY TIP page is posted for the pure pleasure of sharing my knowledge and helping women with their colour and style choices. I trust you continue to enjoy our colour and style tips 🙂