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About Chata Romano


How you look is how you feel®. These seven remarkable words perfectly describe my philosophy. It is not about aspiring to become someone else, it is how to make the best of yourself. Beauty is not simply an external phenomenon, it comes from within – it is who you are. Whether you are a quiet person or a go-getter, a business person or a mother at home, your own individual style is unique.

My objective is to provide you with answers to your fashion and beauty questions by using real women to show you how – women to whom you can relate, and about whom you can say: “Yes, I can also look like that!”

A journalist once asked me to describe my business in just two words – my immediate response was “Glamorous Reality”. I loved these words so much that I decided to trademark them, and so Glamorous Reality® was born. You will find out a lot more about Glamorous Reality in my Newsletter and Glamorous Reality Blog.

When I’m asked what I enjoy most about my business, my answer is simple: I enjoy making women shine like stars!




Chata is the President and founding member of The Complete Image Solution® and The Chata Romano Training Academy.

A confident speaker and the author of four best-selling books, Chata’s success stems from her dynamic presence, vivacious personality and the ability to reach out to her audience. She is charming, eloquent, and well-presented.

Chata has helped thousands of women take charge of their image, giving them confidence and poise in their personal and professional lives. This is evident in the continued success of her numerous publications and workshops.

More than 175,000 delegates have attended Chata’s Public Workshops and more than 500 blue-chip companies have benefited from her Corporate Workshops.

Chata regularly appears on radio and TV and has contributed numerous articles and makeovers to leading fashion and beauty magazines.

She was a nominee in the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year, 2009.

Chata divides her time between Australia, South Africa and the USA.


Please see below a few of Chata’s milestones

  • An International Image Consultancy that proudly empowers women through Personal Consultations, Workshops and the Makeover Experience
  • An established and respected brand with a successful track record of 20 years
  • Chata created The Complete Image Solution® the best colours for your skin tone, the right styles for your body shape, and how to plan your wardrobe according to your lifestyle
  • The Chata Romano Training Academy offers in-depth knowledge in order to become a Certified Consultant
  • Chata Romano Consultants operate in Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia and Zambia
  • Author of four best-selling books – readers get to experience Chata’s Glamorous Reality®
  • More than 175,000 delegates have attended Chata’s Public Workshops
  • More than 500 blue-chip companies have booked Chata’s Corporate Confidence Workshops
  • Regularly appears on radio and TV
  • Contributor of articles to leading magazines
  • Businesswoman of the Year – Nominee
  • Chata divides her time between Australia, South Africa and the USA


“Thank you for being the person to ignite the flame that flickers in each of us!” ~ Debbie Wood

“It is so refreshing to finally find someone who finds good in everyone, and if they have faults their self-esteem is not damaged by criticism, because you are constructive.” ~ Joanne Kadish

“I have cracked out of my shell and can now walk tall.” ~ Susan Dalliah

“Exceeded all my expectations. Chata, you are one of the most vivacious people I have ever met. Thanks!” ~ Annie van Jaarsveld

“I now realize that making the best of what you are is a giant step towards becoming what you would like to be!” ~ Ina Hamilton


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