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Chata is an Image Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer, Authentic Influencer and Author of five best-selling books.

Chata was born in Madrid, Spain to a South African mother and an Australian father. Her love for fashion has been with her since childhood. She pursued her talents by joining a leading fashion retailer when only 18 years old, going from strength to strength as a buyer

In 1990 Chata got married and a week later started her business, together with her husband Avri, who sold his house in order to establish their business (yes, they did go on honeymoon – 5 years later!).

From small beginnings, Chata soon became a sought-after public speaker with a stellar reputation. Chata Romano™ is now an international Training Academy and Image Consultancy that proudly empowers women, and men, through Personal Consultations, Workshops and the Makeover Experience.

Chata’s success stems from her dynamic presence, vivacious personality and the ability to reach out to her audience. She is charming, eloquent, and well-presented.

How you look is how you feel®. These seven remarkable words perfectly describe Chata’s philosophy. It is not about aspiring to become someone else, it is how to make the best of yourself. Beauty is not simply an external phenomenon, it comes from within – it is who you are. Whether you are a quiet person or a go-getter, a businessperson or a mother at home, your own individual style is fabulously unique.

When Chata is asked what she enjoys most about her business, her answer is simple: “I enjoy making women shine like stars!”

Chata’s objective is to provide you with answers to your fashion and beauty questions by using real women to show you how – women to whom you can relate, and about whom you can say: “Yes, I can also look like that!”

A journalist once asked Chata to describe her business in just two words – her immediate response was “Glamorous Reality”. She loved these words so much that she decided to trademark them, and so Glamorous Reality® was born.

Chata has a passion for life, loves the exhilarating feeling of diving under a wave, adores fashionable animal prints, the word “love” and all things bright and sparkly.

In her precious spare time Chata holds hands and laughs with her delicious Pumpkin (her artist husband), relishes the fragrance of beautiful fresh wild flowers, walks on the beach to feel the crunch of earthy sand between her toes, browses through book stores and gorgeous corner shops that sell sparkly beads and glitter, loves standing at an ice-cream counter deciding which flavour she wants to enjoy (the important decision of whether she wants to buy one scoop or two!), watches movies whilst eating popcorn and chocolate at the same time.

Chata’s outlook on life: Live each day with truth, kindness, confidence, optimism and happy laughter.

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